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by editor k

My first visit to the Texas Rural Education Association website was quite a few years ago and I remember thinking that it was the most exciting thing I ever read. Since then, I have been visiting the site every couple of weeks and seeing the latest updates on everything related to rural education. This site has a lot of history and is very informative, but I think that it is also very important to us that we keep our children educated and informed.

It’s good to see the Texas Rural Education Association still going strong. This is a great example of a public education site that is not just about you and your child. It’s also good to see the Texas Rural Education Association continuing to work with the state legislature to help rural schools improve their facilities and programs. The website is also a great resource for anyone interested in the educational process or the current state of rural education in Texas.

As we’ve already mentioned, the site has a great list of sites that have a strong relationship with Texas Rural Education. We are excited to have another site in our lives where we can find out more about the real Texas Rural Education.

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