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Medical University Entrance Exams Subjects You Must Focus On

by Ethan More

The entrance exams for medical universities are complicated, and you have to focus on multiple subjects for a single test. If you are a candidate for GAMSAT, you should be aware that your exam is in three sections.

You have to focus on all three sections to perform well in the exam. The secret of effective learning is to study with breaks. To have a productive study session, make sure you are not sleepy. If you are sleep-deprived, your brain might not keep all the information. You have to select a time your brain is at the height of its functionality. 

Science Subjects

Candidates for GAMSAT find the science section one of the most strenuous sections. There are around 75 questions that you have to solve in 150 mins. The science subjects contain biological and physical sciences. You have to study biology, organic chemistry, and physics.

Many biology students find Physics arduous. You have to practice all the formulas and equations to solve the questions. If you are one of the students who find Physics challenging, you must get a list of physics formulas from the internet or a guide.

This list will make your preparation easier. Divide chapters and construct a timetable to prepare for your exam.

Essay Writing

Unless you are an essay writing expert, you have to prepare your essays. Ensure that you gather general knowledge about different essay topics and prepare topics beforehand. If you practice and prepare points, it will become ten times easier for you to write an essay.

Prepare material for the second essay that you have to write subjectively too. In both questions, add an introductory passage and a conclusive passage. You should prepare quotes or other intellectual factoids to add to your essays to appear sharp-witted.


Students who want to appear intellectual in interviews and essays must work on their vocabulary. Using words such as like, very, that, and really can make your conversation and arguments seem shallow and uneducated. 

You have to learn new vocabulary words to use in your everyday conversations and writing. You will be able to express yourself better, and your reading skills will also improve. The complex reading part that you have to solve in the GAMSAT has an advanced vocabulary. To understand the reasoning in humanities and social sciences, you have to add novice words to your dictionary.

General Knowledge

You have to learn about general subjects such as politics, technology, punishment, and science. You must also read about subjective topics like friendship, love, beauty, suffering, aging, wisdom, etc. 

Read essays written by accomplished essayists, such as Francis Bacon, George Orwell, Virginia Woolf, and Aldous Huxley. You can use quotes and themes from their work. 

Mathematical Solutions

You may not have to solve a complex mathematical problem in your GAMSAT exam, but you may have to solve a few questions in physics. You must have physics formulas at your fingertips and practice your mathematical skills to improve problem-solving.

Practice your mathematical skills daily to keep your brain mathematically engaged. Learn to combine two different fields and see if you can solve conceptual questions.


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