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Black Friday Shopping Checklist For Students

by Ethan More

Who doesn’t love November? It is filled with celebrations, gatherings, and of course, sales. After Halloween, the fun isn’t over yet. Thanksgiving is still waiting, and after that, it is the most awaited time for the shopaholics, Black Friday. The Friday after Thanksgiving is known to be the day when a lot of stores offer promos, deals, and great sales and discounts. It is also Black Friday, which signifies the start of Christmas shopping. Many shoppers would love to take advantage of that day, so you must be prepared. Aside from clothes, there are a lot of other things you need to check out, like some Nespresso coffee maker Black Friday deals. You will not run out of things to shop for, so continue reading to know what you should consider buying if you are a college student. 

Coffee maker

I guess it is safe to say that the majority drink coffee, especially students. So what else is the perfect thing to buy as a gift or for yourself but a coffee maker? Students, especially college students, pull a lot of all-nighters. They would need some caffeine to start and survive their day. Buying coffee every day would cost too much. So instead of buying your favorite coffee, it is better to make it yourself. This way, you can customize, you are sure what is going inside, and it is much cheaper and sustainable. 


Most dorms in college have shared rooms. It would be troublesome to force you to coordinate your sleep schedule with your roommate, especially if you two have different class schedules. There will be times when your roommate will sleep earlier than you, and you can’t force them to keep the lights on all the time. So it is better to use a lampshade instead. You can also use a lampshade during the day. This is especially helpful to those who have problems with their eyes. Lampshades help hide shadows that block your view when studying or writing. 

Laptop stand

A laptop stand is one of the desk essentials of every student. It may seem like just an accessory, but it is more useful than you think. An ergonomic workplace is very important since it allows you to work efficiently and comfortably. Having a comfortable setup also prevents you from future complications like back and neck aches. So if you are constantly looking down or up when using your laptop, this is the sign to buy a laptop stand.

Bluetooth keyboard and mouse

Another item that will help make your student’s life easier is a Bluetooth keyboard. Having a wireless keyboard is very convenient and efficient. It is easier to pack and set up since you do not have to worry about wires. And the best part, you can freely pick your position when using your gadget. This means that your screen can be five feet away from you, but you can still do your work on your bed since your keyboard is wireless. While you’re at it, buy a wireless mouse, too, to have the best experience. 

Mini vacuum 

College life will be and is hectic. No matter how diligent you are in keeping your area clean, you cannot avoid instances where the room will just be a complete mess. Having a trusty mini vacuum will save a ton of your time. It is important to keep your room clean and free from irritants since they may disturb your study sessions and sleep. Be sure to buy a small one, though, since a normal-sized vacuum would take up too much space.

Black Friday is surely an exciting day with all the great deals you can find at every nook. But remember to read the flyers and signage properly to avoid misunderstandings and unwanted situations. 

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