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10 Free Website Creator Tools for Classroom Projects

by Radhe

A website for a classroom provides a central point where teachers, students, administrators, and parents or guardians can converge. However, none of these players want to spend all the time managing a website, updating the features, and worrying about security, among other factors that go into running a website. Thanks to website creator tools, you can build a fully kited site with all the features you need for your school operations. 

Website builders allow you to drag and drop features you want for your website. The features are already developed to meet different classroom needs like uploading files, holding virtual meetings, submitting homework, and following progress. Get the best homework help from a nursing assignment writing service to boost your performance and also leave some free time to work on other interesting projects while still in college. 

Naturally, each classroom has unique needs and abilities. For instance, a website for grade 4 or 5 kids will require an easy to navigate interface and a fancy front. When dealing with college students, the requirements will differ. Here are the top website creator tools to consider for your classroom website project. 

1. Wix

It is probably the most popular and the best website creation tool in the market today. The platform comes with an incredible range of readymade templates that you just drag and drop as you customize your website. Because the templates are built for IT amateurs, they are easy to understand and use in your website creation process. 

Wix also offers incredible social media interaction tools. These incredible features, templates, and tools are free of charge. It integrates naturally with other platforms, making it easier to use for your class project. Even as an amateur builder, you will end up with a professionally looking and operating classroom website. 

2. Weebly

Weebly helps you to build a professional website that will grow with your changing needs. You begin with the amateurish-looking website that later advances into a professional site as your team understands the features. You have more than 100 amazing templates to choose from, based on your needs. It is one of the best website creation tools with amazing free tools. 

3. Duda

Duda is the place to be if you are big on personalization. It has some of the most advanced tools that allow you to personalize the experience for each member of your class. The platform also allows you to build an experience that is fit for mobile. 

Duda also uses the drag-and-drop mode to build a website. It is easy to use even for people with no previous web-building experience. Further, some of the incredible features on Duda are free for all. It is a simple-to-use platform that gives great results. 

4. Site123

Experts describe it as a platform that helps you to get online. It is easy to build and does not require any advanced IT knowledge. Whether you are a teacher or a student, you can build one of the most amazing websites using this platform. 

You have incredible storage space to accommodate your assignments, class videos, data collected in the field, and the endless chats that characterize a class website. It comes with a free package with incredible features available upon subscription. 

5. Snappages

Snappages is regarded as the start-ups platform because of the ease with which you end up with a magnificent website. It has extremely beautiful templates that will give the impression of a professional builder. It also comes with a blogging option, helping you to interact with your target audience easily. Social media interactions are simplified through seamless plug-ins. 

Snappages takes it a notch higher by providing a cloud hosting feature. It is supported by the incredible Rackspace. You have free features to start you off yet still make the website to appear as professional as they come. Once it is time to upgrade, you get a 14-days trial that opens the way for an unforgettable experience with Snappages. 

6. WordPress

WordPress ranks among the most common and popular website building platforms. In fact, some of the top websites in the world are built on WordPress templates. The platform has a history of excellence, having been among the first free website building tools. 

WordPress has incredible templates that will suit any classroom project. The free templates and plug-ins also mean that you do not spend on developing a stunning website. WordPress has an easy-to-use dashboard that provides excellent control over the appearance of your website. If you happen to buy advanced templates, you will have a website from the next generation. 

7. Strikingly 

Are you looking for a simple and stylish one-page website? Strikingly is the place to be. Focus on a single-page website has enabled the builder to focus on the features that matter. It is a perfect selection for one-off classroom projects. It comes with a free plan but you can also upgrade to obtain incredible advanced features. 

8. StudentShow

An online portfolio is one of the recent requirements for serious students. StudentShow, which later rebranded to Behance, is the place to be as you join the community of students worldwide. The platform allows you to upload all your projects, obtain real-time feedback, and see what other people are doing. You build a personal network based on interests and can provide a link to get hired. 

9. Yola

It is a free, ad-free, and the simplest website builder for students. As you customize your page, you can create an online store where members can order merchandise. It is high on interaction, a feature that serves the interest of any class project. It also offers incredible site stats to help you run a more focused campaign. 

10. Sitey 

If you are looking for a perfect platform for a class project, this is where to be. Sitey gives each member incredible storage space for your project files. It has a decent bandwidth to support expected traffic. You also have a range of incredible templates to choose from. 

Website building platforms come with incredible free features that will help you to run the most complex projects. Regardless of your project requirements, there will always be a website building tool for you. Use these tools to build professionally-looking websites that make class projects easier and seamless to complete. 

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