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by editor k

The U.S. Department of Justice recently announced that the number of federal lawsuits and settlements for special education students has more than doubled in the last eight years from 2004-2014. The majority of the settlement money ($7.8 billion) went to schools that were awarded federal funding to improve their special education programs and services.

I’m sure as hell not going to be seeing any of that money for awhile. But it’s still a sign of progress.

Yes, those 7.8 billion is big-time money, and the fact that federal lawyers are getting paid big money to fight for special education students shows that education in this country is finally becoming a safe, affordable, and accessible option for all students.

The good news is that we are getting more and more education money, and the bad news is that there are still a lot of special education students who don’t receive the help their schools need. We also still have a lot of special education students who are being denied services and education because they are too poor. We can only hope that this trend of special education students being denied services and education will slow down as more and more special education students start receiving help.

This is actually a good thing because the federal government is now taking more responsibility in educating special education students. The Obama administration recently approved a proposal that will give $1.1 billion to help special education students in special ed schools and another $1.6 billion for the federal government to help special ed students who are being denied services because of their low income. The proposal was supported by the National Association of Private Special Education Schools (NAPSES) and the National Education Association (NEA).

The Obama administration is working to educate these special education students. We’ll be doing our best to make sure they get the help they need. But as you know, the administration is still working on what it’s doing. The NAPSES NAA is a public school district in Arizona, and the federal government is taking money from the private sector to help special education students who are being denied services because of low incomes.

The NAPSES is a local Arizona school district and also serves some of the same students as the NAA. And the NAA also takes federal money from the private sector. The two are working together to help special education students who are falling through the cracks. The two are cooperating in their legal efforts in order to ensure that state money isn’t going to help educate students who aren’t able to get the help they need.

This is an important issue for special education students. The NAPSES is a low-income school district that has a lot of students in need. With so many kids struggling in the system, the NAA is focusing its legal efforts on helping low-income students. They are paying for legal fees for these students. The NAA is also taking federal money from the private sector to help these students.

Not to mention this, the settlement is about the NAPSES going on a limb and hiring the lawyers that will represent low-income students who are struggling in the system. These students are not being allowed to get a free and appropriate education. There is almost no evidence that these students are even capable of paying for a free and appropriate education, but they are getting all the help they need and nothing is happening for them.

Now, I have no idea if this is actually true or not, but it seems that the settlement is essentially a lie. I just can’t believe it.

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