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I have to admit that I’m one of those people who always seems to forget to say something. This is because I don’t think I’m very good at keeping things in perspective or taking anything as a given. I tend to get caught up in the day-to-day and often get too caught up in the moment.

Well, at least we found someone who does. A few years ago, the internet went to bed and the world went on. Nobody wanted to do anything about it, so the internet continued as usual. But then, some of the people who used to be on the internet decided to put their heads down and do something about things. And that something was to start a “we’re not going to be doing what we’re doing all the time” movement.

fgcu, the internet’s college of education, is now in its fourth year and we’re seeing more and more of the old guard returning to their old ways. But we’ve also seen a new guard joining the ranks. This new group is composed of what the internet is calling the Generation Xers. They are the ones who are still on AOL and other services that have not yet been torn down.

The Generation Xers have the ability to move into an entirely new generation of people. And we’re not talking about an iPod generation. We’re talking about an AOL generation. The AOL Generation Xers are the ones who have not yet been socialized into the internet, and so they are still on AOL (or whatever service they were on before) for social interaction. We’re talking about an AOL Generation X.

What separates these Xers from everyone else? Well, for starters, they don’t have AOL. In fact, they don’t even have a phone. What they have is the ability to call, email, and use the internet on AOL. If you’re an AOL Generation Xer, you might be wondering about the differences.

AOL’s main purpose is to let you send and receive emails. It’s not quite as much like a social network that you can get to know people by chatting on in person, it’s more like an online diary. But you’re still able to access the same online services as everyone else, just not with the same ease or speed.

AOL is a bit more like a journal than a social network, but it also lets you email, connect with friends, and post status updates. So really, it’s a more social networking than an online diary. But all of this means AOL is the perfect tool for people to find new friends for their college life.

FGCU’s new website is the very first thing I ever used when I first arrived at college. As a freshman, I was still in class with my friends and they had a new, very official website that was linked to from their main website. I took my laptop to the library and had my laptop with me as the website was being updated, and I was able to check in with my friends. I also used this site to update my dorm room with what was going on.

The FGCUs has a really nice design, and it’s easy to browse, search for things, and see pictures of friends that you might not have been able to see when you were in class. I always looked forward to going to FGCUs because I could check in on my friends and see pictures of them and see what they looked like, and sometimes I would check in on other people I knew.

FGCUs is one of those sites where you can check-in and check-out to different schools. I was able to compare the dorm I was in to a school that I am transferring to and I was able to see what the dorms looked like.

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