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by editor k

A cult is a very specific system of thought and behavior, usually characterized by a belief that is hard to take seriously and is often difficult to break.

Cult science, a sub-category of cult science, is the science of how cults work. Usually, when you start seeing cults or cult science you start seeing a lot of the same kind of thinking about how things work. You start to think that cult science is an actual science as if this is something that is valid.

I like that about cult science. I think it’s like science, except it is presented in a very rational and objective way. Unlike most science you can’t just say, ‘Oh, no, that’s wrong. That’s not real.’ I think the same goes for cult science.

They tend to focus on a small group of people with a specific goal and then go about getting that group to accomplish that goal. Of course, when the group gets to the goal, then its time to look at how these people are thinking and acting. That is where the science part comes in. It can be helpful to look at what people have been doing to try to understand how they think and act. Cult science is like studying a religion.

Yes, but the point is that cult science is a tool to understand a particular religion or movement. To make a better world, you need more understanding. The fact that cult science is used to study a particular religion or movement is a bonus.

If we have more ideas, they will be made more important. So, if we understand that we can make a better world by asking more people to do that, then we will take it further.

The problem with science is that it’s based on the idea that only a few people understand it. A lot of science is based on the idea that we need to know it all! But the people who are using the science as a way to understand their religion are not necessarily scientists. They have an agenda. It may not be right for everyone. But because it’s useful for some of us and not others, it’s still useful. It just isn’t as useful as it could be.

Thats what I meant.

I think the most important thing in science is the idea that it is a means, not an end. I know that sounds cliche, but it’s true. Science isnt about “what can we learn about the Universe” It’s about “how can we understand the Universe in the most practical way?” The idea of the scientific method is that we find out how things work by studying them. We don’t know everything about the universe, but we know how they work.

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