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How to Make Slideshow Videos for Project Presentations for Students

by Ethan More
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Many students today prefer to make video presentations for their academic uses. These presentations can be shared and viewed like videos and are mainly available in MP4 or MOV format. Since video presentations are like video files, they can be shared online through social media channels and various video-sharing platforms like YouTube and Vimeo. The best thing about video presentations with audio is that they can be shared widely without any requirement of any presenter to provide additional information.

If there is any live presentation, that can also be improved with the help of a video slideshow. You have to give a live  introduction during the summit or webinar, and then you can only play the video presentation for the audience.

Video presentations become more valuable and add quality when you mix audio with them. Inserting an audio clip narrating the voiceover can deliver an outstanding result that every audience would appreciate. The message will truly have a lasting impact on the audience.

Making the slideshow videos are now easy, and they are the most effective tool to impact the audience for a long time. You can use a slideshow maker for creating all these slideshow videos & producing outstanding results. These tools convert the slides into videos by adding music, and you can make the enjoyable and informative at the same time. You have to use some pictures and a few words, music, and voiceover narrating the slide in these tools, and they will convert them into video.

You need to consider several things thoroughly while making a slideshow video. Here are the steps you have to follow to make a slideshow video for project presentations for the students.

     1. Prepare the plan before going ahead

Before making the slideshow video, it will be great to plan thoroughly. A proper plan can let you create outstanding videos that can impress the audience. You should consider slideshow video making as an art, and you are visualizing the finished product from the initial phase. When you have a clear picture of the finished product, you can create fantastic art

Proper planning helps you deliver the desired result and helps you to thoroughly sort out the details regarding how and where you are going to present it. This is why it would be best to plan thoroughly to meet the video-creating needs.

     2. Use high-quality photos

The slideshow entirely depends on text and images. Therefore, you have to ensure that your photos are in HD. Sometimes it is quite hard to filter the HD quality photos because they are not available on the internet of desired quality. If you have any sources, then try to use high-quality photos by which the audience will be impressed. This is why it would be the right thing that will elevate the quality of the sliding video. High-quality images enhance the quality of the video and help the audience easily understand the concept and other necessary facts. So, while creating a slideshow video, never compromise on the quality of the pictures.

     3. Organize the content

Once you have arranged the topic, the images, and the music, the time is to move to organize the contents perfectly. This is a crucial step, and there shouldn’t be any mistakes while organizing the stuff.

Create a folder on your desktop and save all the contents that you will use to create the slideshow video. Include all the graphics, photos, audio bites, and video clips in the folder. Create written content and make notes of the audio and all these types of things. In this way, it will be easy to recognize the contents while creating the slide show.

     4. Add contents to the slides

 After arranging all these required content types, now is the time to integrate content into the slides; if you are using a blank canvas, you can use content blocks that help layout the contents balanced. When it comes to adding content to the slides, one thing is to keep in mind that no one wants to read the slides in the videos, and therefore, you should use minimum text in the slides. Since many people today use voiceover on the slides, there is no need to use text in the slides. In such cases, you can use text only for the title section.

If you want to use any complementary visuals, including images and graphics in the background for a video slideshow, you have to research more and come up with the right kind of content that can truly meet your needs. It would be best to use these images and graphics that can rightly deliver an outstanding result for a better slideshow.

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     5. Add animations and transitions

You must make the video presentation as much fun as you can. So, add animations by which the video can be more enjoyable and engaging. Gone are those days when only static presentations were mainly used in video presentations.

At this point, you probably have some animated things in your slides and add some animated icons or characters that can grab the viewers’ attention. Before inserting animation, ensure that you have reviewed the transitions between the slides. At this point, you need to understand that the animated elements and the background you use in the videos must match all the transitions between the slides.

     6. Use smooth transitions

Transitions are best to add slide by slide, or you can use them in the entire presentation at once. Make sure that the transition is happening after a specific time. It is crucial to maintain the timing between the transition of slides, and in this way, the quality of the slideshow would be manifold.


Slideshow videos are now extensively used for presenting any fact by the students. These are best to showcase the project to a larger audience. They can perfectly represent any data and can deliver exciting results. If you follow these steps, it will be easy to make stunning slideshow videos.

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