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How Can A Smart Home Help You Save Energy?

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Save Energy

Saving energy benefits the planet as well as your wallet. By decreasing your energy consumption, you can cut down your energy bills. Smart home technology can help you achieve this easily. Here is how smart home gadgets can help you save.

1.  Lower your heating by one degree

According to experts, lowering your thermostat by just one degree can make a major change to your monthly bill.

This does not mean you need to freeze yourself, just turn it down to the lowest comfortable temperature, such as 19 degrees.

This will help you save on your Utility Bidder monthly bill and lower your carbon footprint as well.

2.  Install smart light bulbs

Thanks to the advancements in technology, we now have light bulbs that can reduce your carbon emission by half.

Smart LED light bulbs allow you to turn them off with one tap on the application. You no longer have to walk up the stairs again just because you forgot to close the light upstairs.

3.  A smart thermostat allows you greater control over the temperature

A smart thermostat is a device that allows you to control the heating temperature with the app on your phone or tablet.

This means you can keep a watch on the heating temperature on the go and alter it from where ever you want.

If you forgot to turn off the heating before you went out and now are going to come home late, you could simply turn it off with a single tap.

No more heating empty homes. You can even set the thermostat according to a schedule so that heating is turned on only when you want it.

4.  Install smart meters

If you know your daily energy consumption, it would be easier for you to reduce it. A smart meter allows you to keep an eye on energy consumption in real-time.

This allows you to see where it’s being spent the most and where you can save. Smart meters are safe and allow you to track your energy usage. They are easy to install and very reliable.

5.  Install smart plugs

Appliances left on standby mode when not in use still consume little amounts of energy. If the plug is in sight and at a reachable position, it is easier to switch off. But when the plug isn’t accessible, it’s easier to leave the appliance on standby mode.

The new smart plugs allow you to completely switch off appliances from the wall with just a single tap on your smartphone app.

No more having to bend into uncomfortable positions to get behind the sofa or under the table to switch off the plug.

6.  TRV offers greater control over each room

Thermostatic radiator Valves are a device that allows you to control the temperature of each room precisely. They are very easy to install, and you can view the temperature of each room on the app.

This allows you to save energy by heating only the room that is in use. If your children are off to school, you can turn off the radiator of their room while your study remains cozy.

In a nutshell

In today’s time, smart appliances are taking over, and for a good reason. They are more effective, efficient, convenient, and easy to use than traditional gadgets.

As mentioned above, by having a smart home with smart devices such as smart plugs, thermostats, and light bulbs, you can reduce your monthly bill and carbon emission by half. This will not only benefit your wallet but also help save the planet.

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