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6 ways to make your Instagram posts go trending in 2022

by Sophia Jennifer

Instagram today has over one billion monthly active users, and this is the thing that makes this platform extremely suitable to anyone, who’s willing to promote their products and services or simply find an audience that is going to support them and share opinions on various topics. There is no other social net that would have the same scale and the same diversity of people logging in daily. Insta is without a doubt a dream platform for businessmen and bloggers; and these are the people whom we have written this article for – if you’re a novice and if you need some support to make your posts go trending in 2022, read this text attentively and follow the pieces of advice in it for great results. 

We will start with talking about the free tools that you can use – we will discuss 5 of them, so that you’d have a base to start off. Free tools are great for everyone, they don’t require any investments and you can apply them as soon as you create your profile. After that we will give a quick review on a single paid tool – a possibility to buy Instagram followers, which is the best thing to start with when all free hacks were used and gave their first results. Why, how, how big the price is and what important nuances you should keep in mind while buying subs – all of that is waiting for you at the end of this text. 

    • Start with branding – it consists of creating a unique and memorable main picture, clear and detailed (and at the same time short) bio, organizing highlights and creating special icons for those, and coming up with an exact tone of voice and visual style for your profile. Basically, all of those things can be done by you, if you have enough viewability and a sense of style. All you need is some time, a decent free photo processing app (lists of those are easily googleable, you can choose whichever you find the most convenient) and a willingness to tell people your story. If you don’t have any experience and aren’t willing to do all of those things, you can easily delegate this step by hiring a copywriter and a graphic designer, or a social media manager. 
  • Figure out your posting schedule – to do that it is best to follow the routine that a big blogger in your niche follows. Note, when they are putting forward posts, how many times per week or per month they are creating reels and IGTVs and how often they are posting stories. All of that information should be used to create your own posting schedule – don’t copy it, make your own adjustments and then follow it daily. Regular posting is a big thing that helps not only attract new viewers, but also keep in place the ones that you’ve been able to gain. 
  • Learn how to collect and use hashtags – this is a step that lots of people ignore, thinking that in 2022 it is useless to pin hashtags to posts. Well, this is far from the truth – Instagram kind of works as a search engine today, and to make certain content visible you need to add keywords to it. On IG keywords exist in the form of hashtags. Don’t put too many tags under a post though (IG allows the use of up to 30 of those, but it shows a negative impact on the post’s overall look) – 10-15 are just enough. Make sure that you think like your potential client when you’re collecting tags – what words would they use to look your product or service up? Start from the widest term and move to the narrowest one. Include specifics as well – dates, names, numbers, locations, etc. If you have been lucky to already gain a certain audience, think of a branded hashtag and pin it under each of your posts where you tell people about your product or service. 
  • Tag people, brands, locations  – even if you haven’t been collaborating with them directly. This way you’re highly increasing the chances of other people seeing your content – and if the person or a brand is bound to your content by a certain theme, it means that you’re increasing the chances of potentially interested people seeing your stuff. Sometimes loyal brands even repost such publications, and this is another possibility added to your box. Don’t be shy to do that and don’t think of yourself as an annoying person while doing that: IG is all about the bonds that form between brands, companies and people. You should use that if you’re yearning for quick and tangible results. 
  • Ask for likes and call for action. Even if it sounds like the worst thing to do, trust us on this one – several researches have shown that people react positively to such requests. Sincerity is highly valued on Instagram today, and if you’re going to be open about what you’re doing with your page and what aims you have, people are most likely to support them. This is also a good form of interaction – it shows that behind the pictures and the texts there is an actual person with their own desires and goals. 

However, for quicker results it is quite smart to turn to help from the paid third party services which can turn the life of a page upside down in the best way possible. A possibility to buy Instagram followers cheap is one of those for sure, and now we’d like to say several words about how to take on this service efficiently, quickly and safely. 

To not only increase the number of your subs, but also build up a reputation and make your posts go trending you should purchase real subscribers only. IG perceives each page as the number of active and inactive readers, and the latter ones are showing quite a negative influence on the overview of the statistics. The more active viewers you have, the higher are the chances that Insta is going to pick your post for frequent showing in recommendations. This way lots of people are going to see what you’re posting and might want to join your page as subs as well. But if your page consists of fakes only, IG can even put you into a shadow ban. 

So make sure that you check that before giving anybody your money. Usually, decent websites have lots of info about how exactly they deliver their services – and if there is information that they are working with real people who get rewards for becoming somebody’s subs, you’re okay to go! But if there is no such info, proceed to looking for another resource or talk to the manager about it. However, if you don’t have time for research, you can use the links that we have given you in this article – those will save you time, money and nerve.

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