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transformational leadership in education

by editor k

I first encountered transformational leadership in my education program in my junior year of college. I was asked to lead a small group of 12 students in a one week seminar on this topic. I was blown away how much I learned about leadership in that one week. I will never forget the teacher who challenged us to be students and leaders on our own, to think for ourselves, to question everything we were told, and to question our own beliefs and assumptions.

I remember that one teacher saying that we can’t question everything we’re told because it’s a part of our indoctrination as children. We’re taught to trust what we’re told, which is a dangerous fallacy.

I have noticed as I continue to learn about leadership in other realms of my life, that there is a lot of overlap between leadership in business and leadership in education. I have found that the same qualities of leadership that are needed in both arenas of business, like innovation, flexibility, and accountability, are also needed in education. I have found that the same qualities of leadership that are needed in both arenas of business, like selflessness, accountability, and flexibility, are also needed in education.

The leadership qualities I’m talking about are not necessarily the same as the qualities that leadership in business is often accused of having. But like my leadership qualities, I believe that leadership in education can also lead to the kind of leadership that I’ve found in business, and vice versa. In business, an organization is successful when it creates and maintains a culture of innovation and flexibility, accountability and selflessness, and people of great spirit and curiosity.

Learning about the way things look and act, and how to find out what the best ways to do a task matter, is the highest priority right now. That’s our big goal in life right now.

The biggest thing that we can do in life is to find out what the best ways to do a task matter. And that’s what they do.

There are many ways to do all of these things, but one thing that makes it so exciting to me is that it’s not only a bunch of stupid ideas but also a lot of fun. I think it’s even something that I’ve been meaning to do in my life. It’s good to watch our brains churn out algorithms and algorithms, so we can get something interesting out of it because it fits in with our needs.

In school, I know that we have to teach our students to think like we do. However, I never really got the value of this until I started doing some of the things that I do in school (and some that are still a part of me). As a teacher myself, I can tell you that there are many things that we do that are great, but that a lot of people just don’t realize about the value that they are taking from them.

I’m not saying that we are a perfect fit in this world, but I do know that if we do something well that it will have a positive impact on our students. I don’t even have to explain how it works. The first thing that I do is to get into my science class. I don’t have to explain the science that’s a part of it, but I do have to explain it. I’ll go into the physics class and you can see what I’m talking about.

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