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Stay with Trends: The Best Clutches & Crossbody Bags for Women

by Ethan More

A handbag is a fashion statement, or it complements your costume, or it does both. It serves fashion and usability alike. A handbag is too traditional and can be made more fashionable with a large strap or if you get rid of its handle. Handbags marry traditional crafts and folk culture with modern sensibilities. 

The market has a wide variety of designer crossbody bags for every occasion. But, the choice of handbag also depends on your personal tastes and particular requirements. 

Clutches and crossbody bags have a variety of differences. We will go into the main features of both below.

  • Clutch bags

A clutch is a flat bag and is meant to be carried in hand. Clutch bags are usually flat, but sometimes they can be quite stylish to draw eyeballs. Designer clutches can add substantial pizazz to your costumes. 

The unique part of a clutch bag is how slim it is, and it is the best for a happy evening with friends. It is easy to carry. In it, you can have all your essential goods and have a great time with friends. 

Clutch bag helps to define your personality. There is something about the way you hold it. The clutch bag of Princess Diana attracted a lot of attention. Modern clutch bags integrate a lot of design elements into themselves. Such a bag can be very simple and meant to complete a costume. Or, it can be vibrant to become the key fashion statement in your entire costume.

  • Crossbody bags

A crossbody bag helps you carry your essential belongings, but it becomes a part of your costume as well. Unlike a clutch or a traditional handbag, you actually wear these crossbody bags. 

You can pile up your wardrobe with the best crossbody bags, but remember to keep your dresses in mind which go with them. 

The adjustable strap allows you to make it both comfortable to wear these bags and customise them according to your height. 

Style Tips

If you want to draw more eyeballs towards your gorgeous outfit, then don’t carry an out-of-the-way clutch bag. Keep it simple and neutral—a flat black or grey clutch will do. If you want to carry bulky things like a water bottle, then clutch bags are not a good choice. A too bulky clutch bag is hard to carry and looks cumbersome. Going for a large crossbody bag or a handbag will be the best choice. 

Crossbody bags need to match the colours you wear. Either create contrast by using complementary colours, or use different monochromatic shades of the colours of your choice. 

A crossbody bag with a metallic pattern suits the classic dress very well. 

There is no perfect choice when it comes to handbags; still, your choice depends on your needs. To bring out the fashionista in you, check them out at trending multi-designer platforms like Tata Cliq Luxury, Ajio Luxe, Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop, etc. You’re sure to love the masterpieces by labels like Ritu Kumar, Krishna Mehta, Archana Singh, Natasha J, Elena Singh, Kai Resortwear, Huemn, First Resort, etc. 


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