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by editor k

Speaking English is difficult enough as it is. Learning how to speak it is another matter altogether. In fact, this can be difficult for a variety of reasons. The most common reason is that we don’t “want” to do it. Most of the time, we have to force ourselves to speak in our native tongue, but it can also be a form of self-defense.

Yes, I’m talking about the language lessons we get from language schools. As many of you know, language schools are run by the government at the behest of parents who are desperate to teach their children a language they can use outside the classroom. They also have the added benefit of making sure their students get paid well enough to retire.

So you can imagine the problem. I’m sure the language school would be in a real hurry to get their students out the door, so why should we be? It’s a question that could be asked about almost any profession, from law to medicine, from writing to law enforcement. We have laws to write, regulations to enforce, and it’s not always a good idea to break the law, if it can be avoided.

That is definitely a factor in the decision. But beyond that, we tend to think of language as a learned skill, something that we have the tendency to automatically copy and paste from another person or a book, when it’s not that easy to pick up. Language as a learned skill is just as common in our digital world, so in the same way that you can learn to play a guitar with the help of a book of guitar picks, you can learn to communicate in a foreign language.

If you don’t learn to speak a foreign language, you’ll find it hard to find employment. But if you learn to communicate in a foreign language, you’ll find it easier to find employment because you’ll have an opportunity to learn something new.

We all know that the job market for those who speak a language that is not English. The problem for many, is that English is the default for many jobs. So when we move to a foreign country, we often have to speak a language that is not English. This is where language lessons come in. A language class can teach you the basics, along with a lot of vocabulary, grammar, and more.

The problem is that these language lessons can often be too focused, too specific, or too boring. When we go to language classes, we leave thinking we need to be more proficient in our new language. In the end, the only thing that really matters at the end of the day is how much we learn and how much we understand.

I am not saying that language classes should not be offered. They absolutely should be. I believe that there is a serious need for language classes, especially as we move into a technological age where learning a new language is essential for any job.

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