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The Most Pervasive Problems in heart health month 2019

by Radhe

May is heart health month. This is my personal month of love for heart health and to celebrate my friend Amy.

Heart health month is when we should be focusing on our heart health and to show my love for all that is heart healthy. Heart health month is when we should also take the time to focus on our cardiovascular system. In addition to eating right, exercising and taking care of our heart and circulatory system, we should be making time to improve blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

I’m sure this is an obvious one, but if you’re not taking care of one of these things, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Like I said, my friend Amy is great at writing blog posts about all your health issues, so I thought I’d ask if there was anything you need to be doing or just want to focus on these days.

I can definitely agree with that. I’ve learned to eat a healthier, plant-based diet, and exercise more, but there’s still something that I need more of. I’ve been exercising for like a year, and the biggest thing is I’ve found my blood pressure to be a little elevated. I’m only about 150 pounds, so I can’t go out and hit the gym all of the time.

One of the biggest lifestyle changes is to cut out processed food, sugar, trans fats, and other food additives. I started doing this in the summer of 2018 and have been making some noticeable changes ever since. Ive been eating a lot healthier and finding new ways to detox myself from my chemicals.

Another big one, also in the summer of 2018, was quitting my job and going back to school to complete my Bachelor’s degree. Ive been working full time over the summer, and it has definitely given me a headstart on my career goals.

My goal is to get back on track every year and to continue doing what I enjoy doing. I also want to continue to eat healthier and give up the things I don’t enjoy.

There are a ton of reasons why I want to continue to work, but heart health is one of those important ones. It’s important for the health of our body (and mind!). And for us to stay in great working condition for our careers. But, it’s also important because it means our bodies are working in a healthy way. Not just for us, but for future generations. And that’s something we can all do something about.

The heart keeps the body running right along. In fact, the heart can be the greatest power of all. It pumps blood through our bodies and can also help us control other parts of our body. For example, the heart controls digestion and blood pressure and can even increase your chances of survival and fighting off disease. However, the heart is also a powerful amplifier which can make us more susceptible to disease. And yes, there are plenty of diseases that affect the heart and brain.

The heart is also a major part of why exercise is important. It’s why we need to do cardio and it’s why we need to do lots of strength training. In fact, the heart can help prevent a heart attack and even help keep the arteries from clogging up. However, it can also be a major contributor to hypertension (high blood pressure). As you might guess, this is especially true for older people.

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