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by editor k

We now have the tools to learn and enjoy what we like. With the world and our technology changing so quickly, it’s hard not to be constantly on the search for new things to learn. As designers, artists, and educators we are constantly in search of new ways to express ourselves.

In the past, the art of good design was a bit more than simply putting together a design that made a good or well designed product look good. It was about creating a feeling of beauty, something that was a little mysterious, but that would be appreciated by the eye. Now, the tools and techniques available to us are so complex and nuanced that we can no longer rely on some simple feeling of beauty to make decisions.

Art is an expression of emotion. Now, I often get asked, “How do I feel about this painting?” and I tell them that it’s because I’m an artist. The artist is the one who creates the expression on the canvas. But, as we continue to evolve, art is starting to be considered as more than art.

You can tell I’m a little confused here. I’m not sure if I just saw you as an artist, or if you are in fact a painter. I mean, you can be an artist and an aestetic. But, art is more than just painting.

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